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Welcome Message

Dear members and visitors of the Korean Pancreatobiliary Association :
With great efforts and supports of our board members and previous presidents, our academy achieved a remarkable development. We will maintain and develop all the hard works done by presidents and board members, and also settle a new system of chairman of the board.

We will develop many fruitful and beneficial programs to help many members find and participate in various conference, seminar, training course, and camp. Also, we will always maintain and update the website to provide useful information when people visit this page.

We will actively encourage research activities which contain common interests of members by holding various committees and researches, and allow many members to participate in them. We will methodically prepare the system through managing qualities of ERCP and EUS, which already reached highest global level of technologies and skills, to help young generations learn more profitably and easily. Through Insurance Committee, we will process various projects which handle about insurance payment issues so that members can get benefits while seeing patients. We will work as mediators between basics and clinic to make Pancreatobiliary Association get interest in basic research.

In addition to the existing directors of secretary, scientific, financial, IT, insurance and public affair board, we newly included director of policy-quality management, and director of educational board. Also, under director of academic board, many research groups such as gallstones and bile duct cancer research, pancreatitis and nutrition research, and pancreatobiliary mediation research are newly added, and five new research committees including ERCP quality management research and new medical technology research are additionally included under director of policy-quality management board. From now on, our academy will frequently greet and contact all of the members by email, newsletter, education material, and etc. We appreciate all of the members’ participation and cooperation. Our board members will reward all members and visitors with our hard working and best efforts.